DOCTOx Gold Makeup Serum and Face Treatment


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    DOCTOx Gold Makeup Serum and Face Treatment (30ml / 1.01 fl.oz )

    DESCRIPTION: This lightweight, citrus-scented makeup primer and serum both treats and primes the skin, leaving it plumper, firmer, smoother and silken to the touch. Use the Gold Serum alone or under makeup for a flawless finish and the reduced appearance of fine lines and pores. Over time, you’ll notice its skincare benefits take effect.


    1. Ministry of Health Malaysia approved
    2. Formulated with vitamins C and E
    3. Contains 24K fine gold flakes and lemon extract


    INGREDIENTS: Aqua, Lemon Extract, 24K Gold, Glutathione, Butelyne Glycol, Disodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, Vitamin E Acetate, Carbomer, Hydrolyzed soy protein, Argan oil, lifting oil



    1. Active ingredients n the serum penetrate better when skin is clean, warmed and slightly moist, so cleanse thoroughly first.

    2. Apply a warm damp towel to your face to gently open up pores and leave skin slightly moist.

    3. Apply tiny dots of serum all over your face , especially your t zone and then blend lightly and quickly all over.


    TIPS: use short light but firm strokes to apply your face serum. Do not stretch, pull or rub the skin as it wouldn’t absorb properly.

    Whilst the serum is still wet after applying gently tap the surface of your face with your fingers for half a minute. You can use all your fingers both hands on either side of your face very lightly. The tapping action encourages the serum to sink fully into the deeper layers of the skin as far as it is able to go to get the best out of it.

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    Product details of TRUE ISLAND Honey Bee Serum (40ml)

    • Serum us great for anti ageing and smoothing wrinkle
    • Rich with Royal Propolis and Honey Extract, suitable to use prior to moisturiser
    • Used any time of the day and can be mix with your foundation
    • Layer your moisturizer over the Honey Bee Royal Propolis Solution serum (RM99) for a more complete skincare regime!
    • This highly concentrated honey essence provides moisture and nutrients that leaves a natural glow.
    • Hypoallergenic – does not contain paraben, mineral oil and benzophenone-4 that can irritate the skin, making it safe to use for sensitive skin.
    • The antibacterial property of honey helps in controlling acne.
    • Enhances elasticity by strengthening the skin barrier. – Contains propolis extract 40ug, extract 40ug and royal jelly extract 37.8ug / 40 ML
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