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    RM45.00 RM39.00

    A reusable, high-quality cosmetic sponge applicator that

    saves so much of your precious time!

    The unique, exclusive and high-quality material ensures an

    impeccable and streak-free application with minimal

    product waste, which results in flawless looking makeup



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    Introducing our Anti-acne pinky blush, very long-wearing & easy to use. Made for the modern beauty muse. This anti-acne and anti-pigmentation formula blush are designed to be the most user-friendly cheek color in existence. A dewy natural-looking blush that can be used as an all-over face color cheeks, lips and eyes.

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    New and high quality Mishell Mermaid Brush. Achieve an ultra smooth, poreless finish when applying your foundation and bronzing. This brush help to create a precious artwork on your face in a short time. It’s ideal for professional and home, also available in 3 beautiful colors; Silver, Rose Gold and Ombre.

    To blend, use stampling process throughout face and outward patting strokes going all the way to the upper neck.

    For bronzing, use the tip of the brush to contour or bronzing your face.

    Using the brush, apply any cream or liquid foundation onto face starting from the nose and working outwards the hair and jaw lines.

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    The bath sponge creates a rich, soft lather with only a small amount of soap or body wash, it helps exfoliate and scrub your entire body without being too scratchy, give your skin a healthy natural glow.

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