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FerraRossa Grab & Go Beauty Bag – Tropical Paradise
FerraRossa Grab & Go Beauty Bag – Tropical Paradise

FerraRossa Grab & Go Beauty Bag – Tropical Paradise
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Especially for the tropical babes who love taking a trip or two down to the beach. Adorned with adorable pink flamingos, it is a quintessential necessity to store your favourite sunblock, skincare as well as your treasured cosmetics. Carry it everywhere  and you’ll always have a slice of paradise with you.


A Note From Ferra Rossa

Hello, beautiful!
As a makeup artist, entrepreneur, wife and a mom, I often have to juggle my clients, business
and family. Between the makeup, diapers, and loose change, I always find that I need a
quick solution to store my knick knacks. When I am looking for something, I don’t want to
think about categorising or organising it, at least not on my hectic schedule.
That’s why I created this Grab & Go beauty bag. It’s a universal solution for you to store your
makeup, baby diapers, accessories, toiletries and many more – the list and possibilities are
I hope you enjoy this multipurpose beauty bag that is so versatile and easy to use. I picked
out the cutest designs in hopes that it would bring smiles on your beautiful faces and cheer
up your day as it does mine.

Love, Ferra Rossa


Convenient – Our beauty bags are so easy and convenient to use, you can fit just about anything in them.

Fast – Fast and hassle-free option for those who are always on the go. Just dump your items in, pull the string and you’re set!

Velcro Flap – Never worry about your zippers getting stuck or spoiled because these cute beauty bags come with velcro flaps.

Pocket Zipper – Comes with an inner pocket zipper so you can store your valuables, safe and sound.

Travel Friendly – Small enough to fit into your luggage or travel bag with ease so you can take it on your travels!

Water Resistant – These beauty bags are water resistant so there’s less chances of your prized possessions getting accidentally wet.




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