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DOCTOx Shazreeyana Shukri Quickie Blush - Antheia 01

DOCTOx Shazreeyana Shukri Quickie Blush - Antheia 01
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DOCTOx Shazreeyana Shukri Quickie Blush - Antheia 01 (7g)

Introducing our Anti-acne pinky blush, a dual-ended soft blush balm that comes with a blending brush can be used as an all-over face colour cheeks, lips and eyes; very long wearing & easy to use. Made for the modern beauty muse, our All-in-one face colour helps prevent acne and is suitable for all skin types. Creamy stick blusher that can melt on your skin smoothly. First treatment blusher that can treat and prevent acne
1. Ministry of Health approved
2. Formulated with green-tea to prevent acne and won’t clog pores.
3. This colour suits from the darkest to fairest skin
4. Sweet and fresh looking effect

How to use :

1.locate the apples of your cheeks and your cheekbones. You can choose to apply blush to either of these areas. To locate the apples of your cheeks, first smile. The area of your cheeks that is raised while you are smiling is the apple of your cheek. To find your cheekbones, suck in your cheeks, making somewhat of a fish face. The area on your cheekbones where it experiences the indentation is where you will apply your blush.

2.Make sure to apply your blush in the right area. You can choose between the apple of your cheeks or your cheekbones. If you’re applying it to your cheekbones, sweep it back toward your hairline. Avoid applying the blush too close to the center of your face; it shouldn’t go past the smile lines on either side of your nose

3.Apply blush with a the dual ended brush for the most blended look.


Weight : 40g

Ntw :7g


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