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DOCTOx HD Skin Booster Serum & DOCTOX Tinted Moisturizer *Free Gold Bag (M)
RM 217.00

DOCTOx Gold Makeup Serum & DOCTOx Tinted Moisturizer *Free Gold Bag (M)
RM 194.00

Alysa x Shazreeyana + 9Herbs Combo Deal (Free 1 9Herbs Beauty in the drop + Mishell Mermaid Brush)
RM 158.00

TRÈS LALA Ultra Boost Serum (50g)
RM 89.00

DOCTOx Gold Makeup Serum and Face Treatment
RM 99.90

Leola Glow Serum
RM 99.00

9Herbs Pigmentation Serum
RM 65.00

9Herbs - Beauty In The Drops *Buy 1 Free 1 PROMO
RM 65.00

True Island Honey Bee Combo Set *FREE Gold Bag (L)
RM 198.00

True Island Honey Bee Venom Serum
RM 84.00


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