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Alaska glacier, hyaluronic acid ingredient of this moisture gel cream forms a moisture protective film and help to moisture skin

Suitable for dry and sensitive skins cause with 50,000 ppm Hyaluronic ingredients of this moisture gel Cream form a moisture protective film and help to moisture skin!

Suitable for oily skin due to its gel type formula and the Glacier Water contents. If you are having problem of dry skin from harsh Malaysian's weather and air conditioning environment this is the Perfect cream and solution for your skin!❄❄❄

Ape perbezaan Krim Alaska dengan Honey Bee Cream? Krim ni less sticky than Honey Bee Cream. Jadi yang mana kulit agak berminyak sesuai sangat menggunakan Krim Alaska ni. It's a moisturizing gel cream that makes your skin moist and fresh by providing ample natural ingredients and glacier water. Paraben, talc, triethanolamine,mineral oil and BHT free.


Ferra Rossa

I tried to smile but it didnt work. #restingb****face .Haha. Anyway here is @nafura True Island Alaska Glacier Water Aqua Moisture Gel Cream. Wow what a long name! I did a review on it not long ago click #trueisland to see it What is it? Why should you care? *a non oil moisturizer for normal to oily skin *has hyalironic acid to calm sensitive skin *cooling effect after apply before makeup. YOU NEED TO moisturize before makeup okay please! . . What's the difference w honeybee venom? They are as good as each other but they address different skin condition. . *smells like ocean vs honeybee smells citrusy *has cooling effect to calm skin *price per volume is lower than honeybee *more suited for sensitive skin . Dont get me wrong, honeybee is still my first love and I will not stop using honeybee too. Both products are distributed by @nafura and both are equally great non-oil moisturizer, just depends on what you need you can choose either one. Its like asking nasi lemak or roti canai better? The answer is it depends what you want!!! . . To order, contact @nafura and use code to get some discount. . Contact @nafura to see if they even have stock cuz it sells quite fast.

I am trying this new oil-free moisturizer from @nafura on my skin for a while before I decided to review this product. Once I feel confident, I started to use in on few suitable clients (normal-oily skin) . My Product review: . This non-oil gel moisturizer has a very exclusive and subtle smell (which my clients noticed the moment I put it on them, they asked me what is it that smells so good) . . It has a gel-like texture and slightly cooling property to the touch. It it not sticky and not oily, easily absorbed through the skin. I used my hand for the application. I did some research about this product and it has hyalironic acid (HA) and many scientific journal associate HA with skin repair and anti-aging. You can read more online if interested. . I was surprised a client told me her makeup lasted 10 hours, even sent me pictures and also told me that usually her face itches after removing makeup but this time she feels just fine. She wanted to know about this moisturizer more. . Then I thought, I should share this with you just in case you have normal to oily skin and you need a moisturizer that can help sooth your face and not feel greasy. Give this one a try, why not? As far as I am using it, i had no complains but hear more compliments about the skin/makeup.For a Huge tub of 95ml, size bigger than my palm, . Id say that's a friggin good deal!!!!!!

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